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Fiscal Sponsorship

FilmProjects acts as a fiscal sponsor for projects that align with its charitable purpose.

A fiscal sponsorship is a contractual arrangement in which a person or group (in this case, a filmmaker) can seek charitable funding – and its attendant tax benefits — without having to create a non-profit.

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Director's Chair

Rock Haven

Is faith stronger than sexual attraction? Brady, an 18-year-old devout Christian, is given that test when he and his mother move to a scenic Northern …

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Paleontologist Mary Anning has made many prominent fossil discoveries in her life, but men have taken credit for her work, leaving her to live with …

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Time Out

Gaurav (Chirag Malhotra) worships the ground that his brother, Mihir (Pranay Pachauri), walks on. After all, Mihir is a popular jock at their fancy New Delhi high …

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Movie Reviews


FilmProjects reviews other LGBTQ cinema from around the world that sheds light on the struggles of the human spirit.
Twilight's Kiss

Twilight’s Kiss

Later-in-life love often gets the short shrift in LGBTQ cinema, so it’s refreshing to see such a nicely observed romance between two older men. Why …

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Uncle Frank

Alan Ball, the writer behind family dysfunction tales like “American Beauty” and “Six Feet Under,” returns to familiar territory in “Uncle Frank,” a moving drama …

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