Paleontologist Mary Anning has made many prominent fossil discoveries in her life, but men have taken credit for her work, leaving her to live with little money. It’s the 1800s on the rugged southern coast of England, and Mary’s life is going nowhere, until she reluctantly takes in a wealthy boarder, Charlotte, whose husband is ditching her while he goes on a long trip. At first, Mary and Charlotte fight over personal differences and social class issues, but eventually the sexual sparks fly.

Why It’s A Gem

Director Francis Lee, who helmed the brilliant “God’s Own Country,” delivers again with another tale of forbidden love in a land that is both socially and physically daunting. Kate Winslet (as Mary) and Saoirse Ronan (as Charlotte) are both in top form, and Lee’s film impresses with its frank sexuality and haunting visuals of the coast. The movie reveals the hidden human forces drawing these women together, at a time when the knowledge, ingenuity and hard work of women were never recognized.

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