Fiscal Sponsorship

What is a fiscal sponsorship?

A fiscal sponsorship is a contractual arrangement in which a person or group (in this case, a filmmaker) can seek charitable funding – and its attendant tax benefits — without having to create a non-profit.

How does a fiscal sponsorship work?

Under a fiscal sponsorship arrangement, donors direct their monies toward a fiscal sponsor that is tax-exempt, usually a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (FilmProjects is a tax-exempt fiscal sponsor that falls under this banner.) Such donations are tax-deductible for the donor.

What does a fiscal sponsor do?

In short, a fiscal sponsor oversees the administration of a project’s tax-deductible donations. Fiscal sponsors do not provide grants or funding. The donations must come from your donors. In the case of FilmProjects, the donations for a particular project are considered restricted funds earmarked for your project’s charitable purpose. 

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What are FilmProjects’ administrative fees?

4.5 percent of the total donations (a competitive rate).

Please explain what you mean by charitable purpose?​

FilmProjects acts as a fiscal sponsor for projects that align with its charitable purpose. Our mission statement: FilmProjects is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the advancement of the LGBTQ community, other marginalized groups, and independent filmmakers as an independent film company. We strive to make films and celebrate cinematic works that are culturally diverse, socially conscious and spiritually positive.

Tell us about your project, and we’ll see whether we can help!