Hidden Gems



The Story: In this Southern melodrama, Randy is a Christian choirboy in Mississippi with a secret: He has an eye for other boys. Further complicating Randy’s life is his emotionally fragile mother, a devout woman who is virulently homophobic. When Randy sets his eyes on both a handsome jock and an aspiring filmmaker, the boy’s …

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Just Friends

Just Friends

The Story: This enchanting cross-cultural love story from the Netherlands concerns a dashing Dutchman who falls for an outgoing Syrian immigrant. In a refreshing change of pace, the story’s conflict revolves not around the young men’s sexuality but their families’ fears about a cultural mismatch. Why It’s a Gem: “Just Friends” has the right mix …

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The Greatest Blessing

The Greatest Blessing

The Story: Two gay men, Giacomo and Pietro, each raised in supportive families in the Catholic Church in Italy, have something to teach both the church and the world in this moving documentary. Giacomo and Pietro have gently yet boldly established the middle road between a loving gay relationship and a supportive Catholic community.  While many …

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Breaking Fast

Breaking Fast

The Story: This romantic comedy, which takes place in West Hollywood, introduces us to Mo, a practicing Muslim who has just had his heart broken by a failed relationship. But Mo’s fortunes change when he meets Kal, an All-American actor who offers to join him for the traditional meals of Ramadan. Through these meals, both …

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Snapshot Movie


The Story: One simple roll of the film unspools a tale of secrets from three generations of women who gather for a weekend at a lake. A grandmother is hiding a secret past from her embittered daughter, while a granddaughter is furtive about her future. Can the love of these women overcome decades of deceit? …

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More Than Only

The Story: “More Than Only” is a romanctic dramedy about Justin Johnson, a young college student with father issues, who falls head over heels for the guarded Michael. Justin does everything in his power to get a first date, but Michael won’t agree to go out until Justin can jump through three major hoops. The …

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The Story: This compelling documentary, a mix of comedy and drama, follows comedian Tig Notaro after she discovers that she has breast cancer. But the life-threatening diagnosis doesn’t stop Tig – it only makes her more determined to live her life and reach new career heights. In the wake of the scary news, the Los …

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Zero to I Love You

The Story: Jack is a closeted married man, but his desires, combined with a little too much to drink, get the best of him, and he seeks out male companionship. That’s when Jack meets Peter, who has a thing for dead-end relationships with married men. Now, Jack has to figure out whether he wants a …

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The Story: Having just come out and broken up with his girlfriend, Adam begins exploring the clubs of London’s vibrant gay scene, hoping to find acceptance and freedom. But things get complicated when he develops feelings for the handsome Rocky, who is hiding a secret. As their romance grows, Rocky yearns to reveal his secret to Adam, but before …

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