The Greatest Blessing

The Greatest Blessing

Two gay men, Giacomo and Pietro, each raised in supportive families in the Catholic Church in Italy, have something to teach both the church and the world in this moving documentary. Giacomo and Pietro have gently yet boldly established the middle road between a loving gay relationship and a supportive Catholic community.  While many who come from a religious background have abandoned their spiritual roots, these two men have forged a passage where religious faith and same-sex love can travel.

Why It’s a Gem

The Congregation for The Doctrine of the Faith, based in Rome, responded to a question posed by German bishops: “Can the Catholic Church Bless Same-Sex Relationships?” The response to the bishops: “The Church cannot bless sin.” This short documentary goes right to the heart of why the church must learn from the experience of gays and lesbians about the blessing that already exists in their relationships. The statement from Rome sparked strong reactions in the Catholic Church all over the world. But for this gay couple from Italy, the greatest blessing is already bestowed upon all those who seek it with a sincere heart.

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