The Board

Charles Grande
Founder and Executive Director

Charles Grande is the founder of and serves as its Executive Director. He holds an MA in Theology from Catholic University of America, Washington DC, and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Born and raised on the East Coast, Charles grew up within an innate sense of social justice. With this goal in mind he launched with the goal of reaching those on the edges of society in an attempt to exemplify that happiness and fulfillment are gained through acceptance of oneself. tells the stories of ordinary people facing horrific challenges yet who respond in extraordinary ways. These stories give hope and encouragement to us all. The media of film was chosen because of its major influence in our society.

David LewisDavid Lewis
Creative Director

David Lewis is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and book editor. His film career began in 2002 when he wrote and edited “Under One Roof.” Since then, he has written and directed several features, including “Rock Haven” and “Redwoods” (winner of the prestigious Iris Prize in Wales). He also wrote and produced a 20-minute short called “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which won audience awards at film festivals in Dallas and Long Island. All of his feature films have been acquired by TLA Releasing for distribution. His movies have played at film festivals all over the world. Mr. Lewis, a writer since childhood, shared a Pulitzer Prize as an editor at the San Jose Mercury News. His editing work has won numerous awards at the San Francisco Chronicle, where he also reviews films. These days, in addition to his film and newspaper work, he is a writing coach for novelists. He currently has several feature films in various stages of preproduction.

David LeytonDavid Leyton

David Leyton brings a wealth of business experience and acumen to the FilmProjects Board of Directors. He has worked in the insurance industry for most of his professional career and is currently the Sr.Vice President of a professional liability insurance company. David received his BS in Business Administration from California State University Northridge. In the past few years David has guided FilmProjects through difficult decisions, offering his business expertise to
the Board and successfully negotiated our contracts.

David WangDavid Wang

David Wang is a San Francisco financial specialist who has been involved in the film industry for the past decade. He served in producing capacities for three of Mr. Lewis’ previous films: “Rock Haven” (producer); “Longhorns” (executive producer); and “Redwoods” (associate producer). A veteran participant of numerous film festivals across the country, Mr. Wang has been part of the financial services industry for the past two decades, his latest stint being at Charles Schwab. As a graduate of the University of Hawaii, he earned degrees in both accounting and MIS.

Dennis FournierDennis Fournier

Dennis Fournier spent 20 years as Executive Director in the End of Life Care and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in non profit Boards. He was a founding member of the bio-ethics committee at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, and a member of the Board of Directors of the California State Hospice Association. He is the past president of the Board of Directors for the Center For Non Profit Leadership, a member of the Nevada County Transit Services Committee, and he has also served for the past three years as the Interim Executive Director for a Nevada County Children’s Service. Dennis is our “go to” person for non profit direction as a Board Member for FilmProjects and has guided us through several important decisions relating to our Mission and how best to accomplish our goals.