The Clouds

The Clouds is the story of a spiritually scarred man whose life changes forever when he must return to his estranged family to help care for a brother who is suffering from brain cancer. With the help of a spiritually enlightened caregiver, he faces the demons of the past and a secret that has haunted him and his family for many years.

Sins of Men

In this true story, Martin Haas is a young seminarian plagued by a crisis of faith.  After a recent, mysterious tragedy, an embittered Martin visits a bishop to recount his days as a sexually abused seminarian in the 1970s. It’s a harrowing tale: As a pious teenager struggling with his sexuality, he comes under the clutches of a psychopathic priest using the seminary for his perversions. Despite injustices that go hidden for decades, Martin finds an inner peace that the sins of priests cannot deny him.  Ultimately, Martin finds his true self and spiritual redemption by overcoming his haunted past.


‘This is a film that must be made.’
david lewis, director
‘Rock Haven’