Our Mission

FilmProjects.org promotes the dignity of all persons, regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation. Through the medium of film, we depict ordinary individuals who face life’s challenges in extraordinary and positive ways.

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“All growth is characterized by a movement from fear to trust.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to diminish intolerance, bullying, and violence against any person or groups of people who challenge social or cultural norms. We aim to mitigate fear, loathing, and hatred by producing images in film that exemplify our spiritual nature and weave us together through the “oneness” of our human experiences.

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Latest News

Production Photos from ‘Forget The World’

Latest production photos from Forget The World, directed by David Lewis.

Forget The World is the story of a spiritually scarred man whose life changes forever when he must return to his estranged family to help care for a brother who is suffering from brain cancer. With the help of a spiritually enlightened caregiver, he faces the demons of the past and a secret that has haunted him and his family for many years.